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HackNight, July 11 2009[edit]

See blog/photos at end-of-page!

Saturday July 11 2009. 20.00-05.00

Entrance: Free. (Compared to other tech events, this is quite an extended early bird treatment of you, right.)

Swedish blurb[edit]

"Har du nånsin sett insidan av en teve? Hur säkra är egentligen våra vanliga hänglås? Bygg med fräsiga LED:ar! Träffa andra nördar!"

Forskningsavdelningen är ett hackerspace som håller till på Utkanten. (Wikipedia förklarar hackerspaces och på hackerspaces.org står det mycket mer.)

Den 11 juli anordnas det en Hacknight där vi bland annat kommer att ha massa olika workshops i t.ex. låsdyrkning, arduino, radio, ljudsystem och massa annat. Bygg saker av gammal elektronik.

Vi kommer också att bjuda på gratis käk och kaffe/te.

Kom och avnjut nåt kallt i en soffa med schysst musik och häng och träffa nytt folk.

Practical things[edit]

(add needs here)

What you need to bring[edit]

Just like at a demoparty, you need to take care of your own needs. Be prepared!

  • your tools, which might include:
    • a laptop, if you want to compile something
    • (optional) an internet connection - since there might not be any available connectivity
    • power strips for your tools (mark them somehow - with your name/email, perhaps - so that others can help you if you lose your stuff)
    • batteries/relevant spare parts for your tools (Murphy's Law will be in full effect)
    • a small roll of tape (any sturdy tape will do) for improvised repairs, paper-crafting, etc
  • whatever candy you might crave - bear in mind that this is on a Saturday, and we're outside the high-convenience area, and our free event is not a selling entity
  • perhaps another t-shirt (for when your first t-shirt gets too funky)


Free vegetarian food will be served. Kopimi is chef


Done! Banner as PNG! http://www.ollehost.dk/hacknight.png

Tell your friends.

Video Cameras[edit]

Help document Hacknight 11072009

Maneter (Jellyfish)[edit]

Art of the Jellyfish (liquid light sound overhead projection silhouettes) Maneter Theory

Preparation TODOs[edit]

Hacknight 2009 TODOs sit on their own page.

Programme items[edit]

All these activities will be put on a WALL WIKI, and organized into time-slots and spaces, on-site.

(Olle, the organizer of the LED Throwie Construction workshop, threw it out, on reasons of principle. Not Good Enough! We want better, and we make it better. Throwing batteries around town? We can do better than that. So, I work on programme items with invited speakers, and will host the Art Table)

Art workshop: Make art out of it[edit]

Before this planet does its final guru meditation, make something of the tech detritus around us. OK? Art materials will be there. You bring your mind and fingers that want to disassemble. With: Olle.

Workshop: From PONG to video games: Arduino + old TVs[edit]

About the guy making it[edit]

D. Cuartielles is a TV aficionado that (almost) never watches TV. He doesn't own his computer, and collects Arduino boards (probably has over 200 units). Obtained a MSc. in Telecommunications by the very-unknown University of Zaragoza. During his student years he got to know AC current personally, while having dinner with some friends at a Pizza-Hut restaurant. He fainted after touching a conducting piece of metal that wasn't grounded properly. Once he got conscious again, decided to become an electronics-activist.


My plan is to start from the Arduino example called "PONG" and by means of using TVs with baseband video input (SCART or the classic three RCA connectors) hack together some code that I will be using at the Campus Party in Valencia, Spain. It should be some sort of let's play together demo that should last three hours or so and not so much a talk.

If you are interested in joining, make sure you will have a TV and your PC, I will bring some Arduinos, some video shields, some potentiometers and some code. Together we can crack the code needed to make an Atmel microcontroller become a very simple 8-bit video game.

If you are interested, drop a line to david a.t. blushingboy DOT org. I have equipment for 5 simultaneous stations and my own TV. It is of course possible to join together with some friends sharing a work-place or just lurk. Best case scenario we could be up to 15 people working with this (maybe I am being too optimistic :-)

Workshop: Full Body Arduino crasch course[edit]

This will be a hands on workshop in making the whole body into a beautiful sensing instrument. The level will be introductory so anyone can join ranging from experienced hackers who just want to see what this is to first time computer users who wants to take the first step of the magical route in creating working physical things. For some reference take a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sjunnesson/3696481511/in/set-72157619190973911/ to what it might end with.

The participants needs to bring their own computer and a happy smile. If you have an Arduino board since before please bring it since we have a very limited amounts of boards and it is so much more fun to create your own thing than just listen.

Artist talk: Cyberpunk by Mattias Elftorp[edit]

I'll be talking about the world of Piracy is Liberation, my cyberpunk postapocalypse series of graphic novels, where I got the idea for the original concept and how it progressed from there. By looking at the story and describing the City where it takes place, I hope to paint a picture of how the comic mirrors the reality of sweden in particular and capitalist society in general. I'd also like to talk a bit about how I've handled different story elements, like gender, media and collectivity/individuality when I've constructed this fictional world.

Talk: Cheap, fat and open: 8-bit musicians' platform, by jacob sikker remin of mikrogalleriet and 8bit klubben[edit]

i am currently finishing his master of interaction design at copenhagen institute of interaction design: http://www.ciid.dk

for my thesis i've chosen to look into open hardware, inspired by my love for 8bit music and the creativity this approach to music holds. i am posing the design questions: could we find a way to merge the chiptunes community with the open source community? could this result in a platform which is both CHEAP, FAT and OPEN?

this project is no where close to being finished, so i will present some bleepy prototypes and ideas. and discuss where to go next.

more info here: http://tthheessiiss.wordpress.com/

other ongoing projects are:
- la belle indifference (4bit gameboy rockers): http://www.myspace.com/blissfullymediocre
- mikrogalleriet, technology based art gallery in copenhagen: http://www.mikrogalleriet.net/
- and the slightly hibernating hacker collective 8bit klubben: http://8bitklubben.dk

i could also talk a bit about these if interest is there. looking forward to hacknight! yeah!

Demo: The Rebike[edit]

The solar-powered bike that shares a net connection.

Sebastian Büttrich is a generalist in technology with a background in scientific programming and physics. Originally from Berlin, Germany, he worked with IconMedialab in Copenhagen from 1997 until 2002. He holds a Ph.D. in quantum physics from the Technical University of Berlin. His physics background includes fields like RF and microwave spectroscopy, photovoltaic systems, and advanced maths. He is also a performing and recording musician. He blogs at http://write.less.dk/

He participated in Wireless Networking in the Developing World which has published free handbooks on building networks.

Demo: Phreaking boxes that actually work[edit]

A 45 minutes presentation and demo of the phreaking boxes that works on a pots system today. The presentation will cover how a telephone system is designed and how it can be hacked by hardware(arduino)-wardialers, hardware(arduino)-catcallers, line recorders, classic lmhs's, probes and some coming boxes.


Ideas for Free Infrastructure deployment: fish giving water: manual/collective USB-wifimesh: political leadership. Digital Britain vs. Telecom Sweden Olle's speech 18-April

Workshop: PGP key signing[edit]

  • If you don't have a PGP key, make one before you come! (Be sure to use at least 2048 bit RSA, though.)
  • Remember to take a photo ID with you.
  • If anyone has added their key to the below table, print it out and take that with you, also.

Then, either:

Option A: Bring many paper printouts of your PGP key fingerprint, to give away to all the other people who are signing your key.

Or, if you do not have access to a printer to make many printouts:

Option B: Write down your own key fingerprint on a paper (and remember to bring it with you) and add your name and key fingerprint to the table below:
(Note: There is no need to add your key to this table if you choose Option A.)
Name Key Fingerprint
<AddYourNameHere> <AddYourFingerprintHere>

When you have done this, you are ready to verify other's identities and have your identity verified at the key signing event. No computers will be needed at the event. (How the actual keysigning will work will be explained at the event, but will follow one of the standard forms explained in the links below.)

See Also[edit]

Performance: Liquid Light Sound Dimension Theory and Practice[edit]

Sound, music, light for open improvised song, poetry and spoken word vocalization!

Talk: On hacking your brain, by poetic[edit]

Format: A short talk. To be described.

Signup list for non-facebookers[edit]

  • Kugg
  • Kopimi
  • Mia
  • Simon +1 (signed up on blog)
  • Zedrick (signed up on blog)
  • Kim aka Dmeon (via mailinglist)
  • Patrick (via mailinglist)
  • Mr. Hitler
  • Mathias (via mailinglist)
  • Henrik
  • Jakob
  • vega
  • D. Cuartielles
  • jacob sikker remin
  • Anders G (pp) (via mailinglist)
  • Daniel G (pp) (via mailinglist)
  • Göran E (pp) (via mailinglist)
  • chrisk
  • tuvstarr
  • David Burstsound
  • Kalle Burstlight
  • Soulsurf
  • Petter
  • Eddie +2 (via mailinglist)
  • Micke Prag
  • Pladen
  • Findus
  • Vigwear
  • David Sjunnesson
  • Echelon rising
  • Thomas (CPH)
  • Hannes
  • Person X
  • Person Y
  • MC
  • Ino Schlaucher
  • Leo Sundberg (pp)
  • <Addyournamehere>

Media about the event[edit]

Arduino blog

Picture of the entrace by zervez