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Chaos Computer Caravan 2011 - Vi far sammen til CCCamp fra Malmø i sommar!

So far we're probably between 23 and 23/0 people talking randomly about this, so let's make some plans!

The destination? Read more about the outdoors event at

Date & Exit node[edit]

This is not yet carved in stone.

Suggested dates are the 8th or 9th of August. Leaning towards monday morning (the 8th).

Exit node: Somwhere in Malmoe.

Stockholm -> Malmö[edit]

A golden bus leaves Stockholm for Hacknight saturday morning.

Participating vehicles[edit]

  • A golden bus!
  • An escort car for teh bus

List of people with a ride[edit]

  • Anonymous00
  • Anonymous01
  • Anonymous02
  • Anonymous03
  • Anonymous04
  • Anonymous05
  • Anonymous06
  • Anonymous07
  • Anonymous08
  • Anonymous09
  • Anonymous0A
  • Anonymous0B
  • Anonymous0C
  • Anonymous0D

List of people in need of a ride[edit]

List of people with a ride and how many seats[edit]

List of people in need of a trailer[edit]

Perhaps you want to bring a lot of stuff for your camp to The Camp, chances are you are not alone. Get together with someone and rent/lend a trailer!