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Olle in a think-pose

Olle blogs at his blog and codes at GitHub. And collects links at delicious.

Things I am building[edit]

Hexayurt model. Photo lightbox.

Slow Shopping: Looking to buy[edit]

(Slow Shopping is a concept of shopping that allows you to outsource the thrifting to friends.)

If you run across this on your thrift shop or flea market travels, I'd be interested.

I would like that you bought it for me:

  • Item (max price: N kr)

Tell the world about our Style of Work[edit]

Knoll pad about videos that will appear a cooperation with monki of Gothenburg Hackerspace. We want to make a movie, an instructional.

Research interests[edit]

CampFireManager: a mini-barf[edit]

DONE: Pentabarf is huge, and runs on Ruby on Rails. Can this be done with smaller means? On other platforms, too? I'm looking into it, with an Englishman, in England.


Blogged about it. Will try and drag together people for more.


Pure Data on Wikipedia

Program Customization[edit]

Userscripts, plugins, themes, new ways for stuff to happen in existing applications.

Heroes and inspirations[edit]

Jeri Ellsworth[edit]

Jeri Ellsworth on the C64 joystick and her life at Stanford U. Fatman and Circuit Girl is a podcast-like video show. With Jeri Ellsworth. Watch the videos in that order.


Want to craft items[edit]

  • Flag with Forskningsavdelningen logo
  • Stamp (same)

Labeling system[edit]

Idea: To keep track of things, let's use labels. Label printers are cheap. Compare Labitrack.

Better solution: What we did in the end was to make labels that are the names of wiki pages in this wiki. SoldSta1 for instance, is a soldering station number one.

Ideastorm: 2010 July-Sept[edit]

From now until fall items for our schedule, add ideas here:

See for a "brighter" version of the below data.

Theme Description Track
Understanding Open Data With Tove's friend, the opendata researcher Free Culture
Networked narrative infometrics Dataviz workshop with David's colleague (title via vegalyra) Software
Processing, Processing.js, ProtoVis Fancy Dataviz tools Software
Conlanging 101 We Rip Off A 26C3 Talk! Esperanto, Lojban, and your own language Other!
Design circuit boards with gEda Learn to design a PCB ready for manufacturing, using free software Hardware
Make a machine with Arduino Sharing starting-level hardware hacking tips. Read more at the Arduino website. Hardware
Make a mashup using some web API Using the programmable web for good, or for awesome. Software
How does a wireless network work? Get the real deal. Learning
Online maps: How do they work? Make your own maps! Help Openstreetmap! Code maps! Pin-point! Free Culture, Software
Scripting: automate everything in your computer Bash, Python, Ruby... Software
Debian GNU/Linux: how the package system works Let the APT system work for you! Software
Documentation for Open Source software Using Doxygen, Sphinx, RDoc, or phpDoc, to render readable documentation. Software