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26C3 Berlin by bus[edit]

So can you sit still (or just sit) on a bus for 8 hours? And still want to visit this winter's finest hacking event in the Berlin Congress Center?

Then help us organize this year's co-travel plan for the 26th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin from the December 27-30.

We will travel there on the afternoon on the 26th and back on the 30th so that you can celebrate new years eve in Sweden with loved ones. The bus will go from Malmö to Berlin and back.

Last year the tickets sold out the first day. To secure ourselves from this situation to affect us this year we will arrive on the evening the day before.

Facts about last year's tour[edit]

Mixed groups of people traveled by the Utkanten buss to Berlin from early morning.

We were nine travelers in the nine seats, and we went back with a different group then we came with.

Travel time: 7 hours there 7 hours back

Facts about 25C3[edit]

See the 25C3 web pages and 25C3 Conference Recordings. Also, slides and conference texts in the 25C3 schedule

Your tour[edit]

Tips and experience from old hands at this, in question and answer style. Please expand here, old hands!

What do I need to bring?[edit]

  1. Towel (always a traveler's friend)
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Friends (do cost-benefit analysis: you're more likely to be picked up by old men who buy you drinks if you're alone)
  4. _Pen_ and paper
  5. Sleeping bag
  6. Pillow
  7. Computer, and its attendant peripherals (QUESTION: Do they ground their cables and plugs in Germany? 'ANSWER: YES)
    1. Wireless can be shaky, it's recommended to bring a network cable. But the network ports fill up fast, so bring an Ethernet switch as well!
  8. "power-strip extender cord with multiple plugs" (förlängningssladd med förgreningsuttag) !IMPORTANT!
  9. Passport (YES Schengen was a lie and the border is closed!)
  10. Camera
  11. Dect phone! Check eventphone.de
  12. Your "hacker/crafting" tools of choice, like
    1. Arduino
    2. Stitching stuff
    3. Laserpointer beamer and webcam
    4. Charrrged laz0r
    5. etc...

What does this cost?[edit]

My first year I had a budget of 3000 SEK for food place to stay and bus. It's probably going to be a bit more than this (I think).

Sign up[edit]

End date of sign up is 30th of september!

If you are interested to join the Forskningsavd-bus, please write your nickname here.

  • Hossi
  • Kugg
  • kopimi / kopimi [at] piratbyran [dot] org
  • --Olle 07:36, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Poetic
  • Bissi
  • jwalck / starkmjolk hans email adress är jonatan [bullfest] walck [plupp] sverige
  • Hanne / Har ingen mail men maila kopimi så skickar han infon vidare
  • Joe "the crazy" Dane
  • Terobi
  • mankeponken / kontakt via Poetic
  • xor (0ne day too late.)