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This is the Research department Wiki, documenting our projects, events, workshops and ideas.

Get involved!

Our space is open to anyone with an interest in hacking-related matters.

Hacking is defined broadly, it encompasses many different facets of communications and technology. There is great variety of interests between our members - including DIY culture, programming, lock-picking, electronics, even some security-interested people. There is always a focus on learning, often by doing and a strong sense of community.

There are many ways that YOU can contribute, either by engaging in any of the ongoing projects or by bringing in your own projects and ideas. Together we provide eachother with support, motivation, tools and knowledge.

Currently there is not even a membership fee, so just drop in next Tuesday or Thursday and see what we are all about!


At the Research department there are always tons of projects going on and while some people like to document their projects in every bit of gory detail, others write very little - or nothing at all. The projects pages on this wiki reflect this fact.

You'll find a list of documented projects in chronological order on the right hand side of this page, or neatly sorted in the projects category. Some of the projects are ongoing, others finished. Some never reached completion.

Feel free to browse, no hassle :)




A recurring telephone conference for all
hackerspaces in the nordic countries

Wish list

Available, but not stored at the space.
Ask and it will be brought!