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After discussions with,, forskningsavdelningen,,, and other various hackers in the Nordic countries we have come up with the idea of having a Nordic hackerspaces call-in.

A call-in is a phone conference where we may discuss our recent whereabouts, issues and plans for your local hacker activities.

How a call-in works[edit]

  • Before every meeting there will be a agenda on any of our wikis.
  • The room is open for discussion every day.
  • Everybody speaks their native language (Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian).

What you should do[edit]

To call in to this conf follow the instructions, and if you need assistance with calling in you may reply to me and I will assist you.

Room name: 77223 (or 772234, for sessions with password)

(We opted, this time, for a room w/o a password, to enable Windows clients to connect.)

There will be meetings every Sunday 19:00 GMT-1. If they are announced.


  1. Try to behave in the room. Be patient with lingual differences.
  2. Don't give out the password to people who you don't trust, we want everybody on this confcall to feel confident about the callers' integrity.


  1. Chatter (30Mins)
  2. Formal Introduction of everyone on the line
  3. Nordic hackerspaces status and update State of space
  4. Activities
  5. Members
  6. Etc
  7. Technological discussion
  8. Goodbye

Minutes of meeting[edit]

Hackerspaces that we contacted[edit]